Who are we ?

New Human 360° is a project that seeks to bring a planetary change to those who consciously choose to live in integrity with the land, with themselves and with all humanity. The program is created by Erika Clare, certified Yogi, meditator, Reiki Master, author, plant based foodie and a passionate individual that loves life, nature and people. Our mission is to be your companion through a journey, where YOU guide your experience and find within yourself the awareness and ease you are seeking for with the support of the tools we provide.


silence is where you find your answers! The way to silence is Intuning


"It is arrogant to believe that you can't heal yourself"

  •     KUNDALINI YOGA    

Kundalini Yoga

Simple, powerful, strong

Feel the sensations of your body as you have accomplished at least a week of this practice. There is no explanation, you just must experience it. Kundalini yoga (like all other real yogas) is precise and it is for those who are ready for change. Yoga means union. The intention is to get the body, mind and spirit united so they can function in the best possible way. It must be one full energetic flow.



Crystal Sound Baths! A different level of relaxation!

The bowls are made of 99.9% quartz and have a frequency embedded in each one of them. It is a "magical" concert of love sound that will bring each individual their own experience. Are you open?

Sound baths will always be different as each person that plays them will have their own style and energy. If you allow yourself to relax fully, you will bring the vibration of the sound within you.


Intuning - Meditation

Find your answers through silence!

The power of meditation is truly indescribable. It is so simple yet so profound. All it takes is to begin and follow through with it. I have written a small book called "21 days to Freedom". It will guide you day by day! Trust it, do it, and tell about it, before you know it, you will see the great changes this simple practice will bring you. The key is in the subtleties! To Learn more click here.


Plant Based Foods

Learn to prepare delicious practical meals

Stop eating what makes you sick, start feeling what it is your body needs to feel healthy, light, and awesome! Eating well is all about being conscious!

Grab my 90 day conscious eating habits course full of recipes and experience for yourself the great changes you put your body through. This is one of the most important things you can do with your body, even more than movement. We truly need plant based meals filled with biophotons, movement and a peaceful mind to be complete.



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